Thumb of Jenny's Postal Service

Jenny's Postal Service - 2013

Jenny's Postal offers full service postal service, live scan fingerprinting, passport photos, document scanning and printing, Internet service, notary and web site development.
Thumb of Alexandria's Archives Inc.

Alexandria's Archives Inc. - 2012

Alexandria's Archives is a 501c(3) dedicated to helping the long term unemployed find fulfilling employment through the use of seminars and workshops.
Thumb of Quick Pick Messenger Service

Quick Pick Messenger Service - 2012

This is a messenger service who hired me to try and get better search engine ranking. There is another messenger service, Quikpick Messenger, that is ranking higher. There are confusions with the spelling both for SE and customers.

The site is written in PHP with a MySQL backend. It uses server side CSS to change some of the elements based on the page url.

The sites uses a CAPTCA component that I wrote myself.

Thumb of Diversity Finance

Diversity Finance - 2012

An insurance company that has many services available. This is the pilot web site. Other areas of the business will be coming on line shortly as each department head makes the final approval.

This and all the future sites for this client are written in PHP, which a MySQL backend.

Thumb of Cool Dreams

Cool Dreams - 2012

An excellent Event Planner who does wedding planning, as well as any other event your mind can come up with.

The site is written in PHP and uses Javascript to make the first page gallery.

The photos were all provided by the client.

Thumb of USSAC

USSAC - 2011

United States Soldiers Assistance Center, USSAC, is a place of hope for millions of heroes returning from war and facing life's challenges.

USSAC uses a MySQL backend and has credit card authorization through Authorize.net.

Thumb of Smart2Click

Smart2Click - 2011

Search.Click.Save is a coupon and savings site.

It is built in PHP and uses a MySQL backend. It has an administrative area where the site owner can upload images and make changes to the website.

Thumb of John Muir Elementary

John Muir Elementary - 2010

The site for John Muir Elementary, where my son attends school. I own the domain name, developed the site, paid for hosting, and gave it to the school in 2010. As of the 2012-2013 school year, the school decided not to persue the web site, so I took it back and will contiue to update it until my son graduates in 2015.

This website is getting top SERPs for John Muir Glendale, which is what most people would use as a search term. It is doing higher than GUSD's listing or Great Schools' listing.

Thumb of Ling Ling Day Spa

Ling Ling Day Spa - 2010

The Ling Ling Day Spa is at the home of the owner. The site will enable clients to make an appointment for a massage. It is done in PHP and MySQL.

Thumb of Adrienne Boswell

Adrienne Boswell - 2009

My personal web site that has a continuously evolving scrap book for my son, Spane.

The site is done in PHP with MySQL back end.

Thumb of Counter Top Pros

Counter Top Pros - 2009

This site was one of several for another home remodeling professional. Although the business was the same, each site had to have unique content.

The site was done in PHP with MySQL back end.

Thumb of Josef Rotter

Josef Rotter - 2009

This is the personal web site of the founder of American Loyalty Card. It is done in PHP with MySQL.

Thumb of Kitchen Builders

Kitchen Builders - 2009

The flagship site of the home remodeler. This was mostly a redo website. The original web site was HTML only with no database backend. I put everything into a MySQL database, cleaned up the code, and made it much more friendly to search engines. It is also written in PHP.

Thumb of Lili Dauphin

Lili Dauphin - 2009

An author's web site to promote her books, and link to on-line stores carrying the books. This site was particularly problematic because of hosting limitations, eg. inability to use .htaccess, and an old, insecure version of PHP. Because of this, I had to be extra careful to make sure everything sent to the server was clean.

The site's theme is based on an existing painting of the author, and all colors were chosen by the author. The site is written in PHP with MySQL.

Thumb of The Good Plate

The Good Plate - 2009

This is my personal cooking blog where I record dishes I have made, and craft projects. I use it mainly as a refresher, but have been getting a lot of hits.

This blog uses WordPress, and a theme that I have tweaked, and created seasonal child themes.

Thumb of Vision for Glendale

Vision for Glendale - 2006

A grassroots movement to shape a vision for Glendale that will complement the city's current long-range planning.

Thumb of Favorite Place Restaurant

Favorite Place Restaurant - 2005

My Favorite Place really is my favorite place to eat. This PHP, MySQL driven web site was originally created simply because I liked the food, and when the owner started getting hits, she decided to purchase a domain name and hired me to keep it updated.

Thumb of Realty Benefit Systems

Realty Benefit Systems - 2004

This site was developed in ASP Classic with an Access back end for property management. It has an extensive back office that allows the owner to edit properties, add/edit tenants, and view various reports. Prospective tenants can make appointments to see a property, and existing tenants may open a trouble ticket.

Thumb of Nick Mendoza

Nick Mendoza - 2004

Nick Mendoza does advertising for the Hispanic market. He initially hired me because his site was not showing up in search engines. To this day, it is number one in Google for Nick Mendoza. It is written in PHP with MySQL.

Thumb of American Loyalty Card

American Loyalty Card - 2003

ASP with MySQL back-end, loyalty card site developed for the American Loyalty Card. This site has a membership database, coupons being offered by the members to the community, back office administration with various user privileges, and style changing according to holiday themes.

This site is continuously being updated and upgraded according to the needs of the company.

Thumb of nextBlock

nextBlock - 2000

nextBlock.com is a local business directory. It is written in Classic ASP, with a MS SQL back end. It has a shopping cart, message board, and vendors can create an account, and input products and services. I do a weekly newsletter, also database driven, that is sent out to 10,000 subscribers on weekly basis.

Thumb of Arbpen Designs

Arbpen Designs - 1999

This is my business site - and also where I share code, hence the domain name - Cavalcade of Coding Info[rmation]. The site is done in PHP.