A Moment with Ripley

The following musings are used with permission from my very interesting, lively friend, Ripley. Please enjoy.

Who mentioned the word “moment” damn it!

Moments aren’t too complicated to really experience.

Let’s take the old expression; "capture the moment!" Okay, fine, where is it or when is it? “Whoops”, what do you mean I missed it?! How would you know anyway?

Shouldn’t we learn to slow down a moment to really experience it! Moments contain so much fear, inadequacy, and even a level of disbelief that they trigger an off center sort of feeling!

Suppose you could confine a moment, imprison it. Would you have a bag of assets or liabilities? I mean let’s really take a look at one now.

Why don’t you see this moment like I do? I could argue that your moment has no meaning to me, in fact, mine was more entertaining and unique than yours, or vice versa. Guess what, you own this very moment, its yours and yours only. You will find a place for it in that memory bank of yours where it will age and perhaps become extremely distorted, by the time you finish playing with it! Recalling it could be a wholly different movie. A nightmare dedicated to the deepest needs of the dramatist, a cure for the disgruntled subconcious.

Does a moment have a particular and decisive meaning of its own? Who creates the time for it to exist? Is a moment over before realized? Why do they pass? Or do they automatically get accepted into the library of our extensive files of the cerebrum?

Isn’t a moment just a place in our personal time? Moments merge with reality. Maybe a moment is just a place in time, a place where we are truly given a choice between imagination and creative genius. By the way, your conception of moments could qualify your genius remembering that execution is the only chariot of genius.

Face it, moments even seduce us. They don’t like to be discarded. They don’t even, however, seem to mind anything else you do with them. They are overwhelming at times. Boring also, beyond belief, yet tolerated. Tolerated by whom? Whomever we are at that moment!

Could moments simply be that time when we seek out our pedigree and passions. They like to become secrets and love to ride within your dreams, and oh how deeply of an impression do they have? They awaken you, don’t they?

Are they destined to be luncheon chat or dinner gossip? Do they fall into a category of frenzy, or messages from a higher power?

The moment seems to be my time of growth, a time to love it, or leave it. Choosing to leave the moment gives me nowhere to hide, or to run to. I let moments take their own shape, believing they have a reason to exist. It sometimes becomes my one and only hope.

Just give me a moment, would you please? Do you have a moment? Every minute is a momentous occasion. Have we shared something in this unfolding bit of time in space and life? Give a moment its undivided opportunity. Remember, even your conception was a reverent and extremely special lead into your ability to have and capture “The Moment”.

Copyright © 1988 Rip Clark

Background images ( Gentlemen Set ) are archived from Moyra's Web Jewels which sadly closed in 2002.