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This is just a place for me to have fun. This would be my "personal" web page.

What's New?

I moved The Good Plate to a new host. What a mess that was! But, it's all moved now, and I'm happy.

Well, Spane and I are working on an on-line scrap book. There are a lot of reasons.

  • Back in August of 2010, my computer started to Blue Screen. It was an old WinXP SP3, and it had served me faithfully since Spane was 2 years old. That's pretty good for a computer that is in use all the time to be not fail for 4 years. Trust me, I am hard on my computer - it's not just sending email and playing solitaire. No it's web development, PHP, MySQL, web server, photo editing, phone ( have you tried Magic Jack yet? It's great! ), listening to music, surfing the Internet ( thank God for Opera browser ), and yes, playing solitaire. So, I got a new computer, Windows 7 ( which I love, sort of ), lots of memory, a flat screen monitor, new speakers. I was all excited until I tried to put the old drive with the most important information on it in the new computer, it wouldn't accept it, and then the old computer wouldn't recognize it either. Thankfully, I had done some backup, so I was able to recover some of the files.
  • A lot of pictures of in Spane are in different places on the Internet. That's all good and well, because I was able to recover a lot of those pictures I thought I had lost forever, but trying to remember what is where it time consuming.
  • When Spane's counselor wanted to make a photo album with him, she asked me to find pictures of Spane, and I did, but it was hard, as I had to look in all those different places.
  • When the photo album was given to us, I decided that it would be great to add more pictures of new experiences, and also to get everything in one place on the Internet. Of course, I will keep a mirror backup on another server. I learned my lesson!

We're working on the scrap-book now, so you can visit Spane's Photo Album anytime.


Originally, I was going to post all my recipes here, and then I got Big Oven, and then I decided that doing a regular Word Press blog would be a better idea. I will probably post to the recipies section occassionally, but if you want to find something I make, check out The Good Plate.

What I Do

You can visit my business page at your leisure.