My name is Adrienne Boswell, and I am Spane Boswell's mother. This is a site that I created for him and he is working on it with me. Spane likes the computer, and this will be a good way to teach him writing skills.

This site is going to be an electronic scrapbook, with pictures and anecdotes that we can always look at any time we want, any where we want. We can share it with family and friends, and keep it going for a long, long time. The pages will never fade, get peanut butter on them, tear, or any of the other things that happen to real paper.

I have pictures on my computer in all sorts of different places, and pictures of Spane all over the Internet as well. I wanted to put them all in one place, where we can always find them.

Of course, none of the images on this site may be used on other web sites, or for any other purposes without written permission from me, Adrienne Boswell.

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