Muir Elementary

John Muir Elementary is a California Distinguished School and a Title One School.muirfront.jpg 29.2 KB

Principal - Dr. Linda Gubler Junge

Linda Junge has worked in the field of Public Education for 12 years, with a broad-based experience at both the school site and the district levels. She has four degrees in the field of Education (B.A. from BYU, two M.A.’s from CSUN, and an Ed.D. from USC), is fluent in Spanish, and has been a successful teacher, and administrator at Glendale High School. As an assistant principal she carried an individual case load of over 1000 students, being the administrator overseeing the academic and social progress for these students and their families. She has additionally worked at the university level as a teacher of teachers for 5 years.

Vice Principal - Jackie Scott

When Spane first attended John Muir, Ms. Scott was the Teacher's Liason, and she was chorus director. After the problem in the summer with Glendale Unified School District playing with class sizes, Ms. Scott became Vice Principal. She is a great Vice Principal, but, sadly, nolonger teaches chorus.

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